Center of Light - A center for holistic healing
We give healing for physical diseases such as migraine, sciatica, asthma, constipation, blood pressure, insect bites, epilepsy, conceiving, birthing, headaches, gas pains, frozen shoulder, cancer, stroke, slipped disc, gangrene, skin problems, gastro intestinal problems, heart and circulatory diseases, urinary and endocrine diseases, skeletal and muscular disorders, brain and nervous problems , children, journeys , court cases, job interviews, sports matches, protection from black magic attacks, sale and purchase of property / vehicles, fashion shows, to pets , plants and farms.

We bring about paranormal, mystical, psychic and at times, instantaneous healing.

We take classes for
  • Reiki at all the levels
  • Karuna Reiki at all the levels
  • Magnified Healing (First & Second Levels)
  • Automatic Writing